Bring Stranded Australian People Home Or Step Down

We the undersigned request that the Australian Government recognise that Australian people whether within Australia or stranded abroad have equal rights. The Australian Government has failed to protect the Australian people stranded overseas throughout the world and the Australian Government have given stranded people severe anxiety and prolonged mental stress.

Some Australian people stranded have been forced to suffer with food shortages due to no financial support. The Australian Government is the only country in the World to lock out its own people, and to claim we had ample time to return is nonsense. (For example, WHO only announced that COVD-19 that was causing a pandemic on March 12 and it was to the extent that that information was disseminated effectively would determine the accuracy behind ample time.

In The Philipinnes for example that would have given the window of opportunity 4 days to arrange new travel schedules as the first lockdown in that country restricted travel and was brought in by the Philippinnes President from March 17th)

The Government has also claimed the "ample time" furphy knowing that the Philippines, Norway, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, and Bosnia already had domestic flights stopped, preventing Australian people getting to the respective international airports.

The above countries do not embrace other countries either that had National lockdowns in place including, Luxembourg and The Czech Republic. The list of countries is numerous with localised lockdowns in places.

The Australian Prime Minister should admit that his party got it wrong and he now needs to get stranded people home and remove cap limits so flights will not be further cancelled.

Even if it means tougher isolation rules set by Australian people staying at home, instead of hotels.

We the undersigned have a right, being Australian people to return home, and if the Australian Prime Minister cannot accept this, we ask him to step down immediately.

The Australian Government has been irresponsible, and no other country in living memory has done this to their people apart from Scott Morrison and his party.

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