Petition for Timetable Adjustment for BRT32 Section 3

We, the Students of BRT32 Section 3, have collectively agreed our in person classes on Thursdays at 8AM to 10AM, then at 4PM to 6PM, are unreasonably timed. The expectation that our day be put on hold for 6 hours between classes is wholly obstructive in our lives. Students who do not live in housing potentially have to spend 4 hours a day travelling to and from campus. This will inadvertently place more students on campus for much longer periods of time, in a time where bodies on campus are for long periods of time is discouraged. The possibility for productive work on campus is limited due to reduction for on-campus facilities, limitations in internet access, and possible limitations in our personal technology. 

We ask that our class times for TVSN-3026 and FILM-3021 on Thursdays be more reasonably spaced, not only for our personal lives but for our academic lives. 

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