Buddhist Support for Rohingya People

His Excellency the President of Myanmar,
Mr. U Htin Kyaw

Her Excellency the State Counsellor of Myanmar,
Ms. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

Office 18, Nay Pyi Taw, 

Republic of the Union of Myanmar

We, the world community of Buddhists, demand:


  •  that the persecution of Rohingya people and other
    ethnic and religious minorities in Myanmar is immediately stopped;
  • that the international relief organizations are immediately granted full access
    without any obstacles to the Rakhine state to provide humanitarian aid
    to all victims irrespective of their religious beliefs or ethnicity;
  • that the members of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner
    for Human Rights are also immediately granted full and unrestricted access
    to the Rakhine state;
  • that detailed investigation against perpetrators of the atrocities
    is launched and thoroughly conducted.
  • that Rohingya people in Myanmar obtain full recognition
    as well as Myanmar's citizenship;



To the Noble Brotherhood of the Sangha in Myanmar:

We are fully aware that it is all to easy to issue strong judgements
while living in countries where life is, for the most part, safer
and simpler than that in Myanmar. We also recognize that the international
Buddhist community has had many failures on its account in other cases.
Finally, we are also aware of our own personal grave failures and shortcomings.

Nevertheless, with full humility,  we feel it necessary to admonish you and insist:

  •  that the presence of instigators of persecution of other faiths
    among the Buddhist monks is absolutely inexcusable and intolerable;
  •  that the monks who encourage others to commit atrocities
    or propagate hate against other faiths are defeated
    and should disrobe in shame;
  •  that inaction in view of mass killings and rapes is equivalent to
    support for cruelties;
  • that meditation, however long and intense, which does not bring fruits
    in terms of loving kindness and compassion, is little more than a waste of time.