The truth about buhari being dead or alive ,President Buhari of Nigeria step down#endsars# stop killing innocent citizens, tinubu criminal ,

  1. Nigeria has been quiet enough . Is time to wake up . Some people are saying buhari is dead , some are saying he is alive . We really don't know if Nigeria has a president ,We need the truth . How can they keep fooling the citizens , what have we done to deserve this ? If is dead let the imposter buhari step down , if is alive let him step down . tinubu you rob us of our right . You kill the future leaders of tomorrow . You don't care about Nigerians . Today you sent soldiers to kill peaceful protesters . Soldiers ask ambulance to go back , soldiers disagree for medical facilities to help the injured protesters . Before the evil deed they turn of camera , light and all. Now they killed and injured them . We the youth of Nigeria say enough is enough . We want Sars to end . Stop police brutality , we need a change in Nigeria .we need to know the truth about buhari .  I care about my country , I care about the people . You can't keep robbing us . I want you to please sign this petition for us to have a better tomorrow . If buhari step down a new youth will be elected as president and we both change this country . We no longer need old men to rule us . I princess ohenhen Herby sign for real or imposter buhari to step down  . They will never take out power from us . We are ready to embraced our race . 

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