Cabal Online Brasil, ultimatum against Gamemaxx Company

This email was sent to ESTsoft (owner of the game Cabal Online) to show what is really happening with the service given by the Gamemaxx Company. If you agree with it, join us! Let's end this joke made by Gamemaxx Company! Thank you for your attention, we are in this together!

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Cabal Online Brazil with HACKS and insecurity in the Gamemaxx Company database!

Hi, firstly I would like to thank you for reading this email and I'm sure will be of great importance to you. I'm here to make a strong claim about what is really happening in Cabal Online Brasil servers operated by Gamemaxx Company.

I hope you read carefully:
The game have a lot of problems and we do not have GM trained to solve all this problems. It is very difficult to talk to any GM in the game, almost impossible, because they are not online most of the time! When we players, have the opportunity to speak with a GM, they tell us to send emails to them explaining what happened. In most cases, we have to send our personal data to them!

Okay, maybe this is some way to confirm if the players really are real, right?

But now the main problem comes:

Recently there was a break-in the Gamemaxx database. It was caused by a computer hacker who also play Cabal Online with us. Now I ask you who owns the game Cabal Online: How to send our personal data if there are many flaws in the Gamemaxx database? How we as players will continue playing with these problems? It's very complicated!

Each email takes a matter of months to be answered. Some players of Cabal Online Brazil are waiting for more than two months for an answer! 
Is it possible? Is this normal? I and most players think not.

To prove what I'm saying, here I send a link of the hacker doing his job. The video is recent, the hack is real, and the Gamemaxx Company don't know how to stop whoever is doing it! This is the same hacker who broke into the Gamemaxx database, he made this video to demonstrate the precariousness of the Gamemaxx database.

The video is there, proving what I said. =]

Note: This character is not mine. I just saved the video on my YouTube channel to show the insecurity of the Cabal Online Brasil servers in the Gamemaxx hands. Other players also have this video.

Many players are quitting by the poor administration of the Gamemaxx Company.
Please do something for us players and lovers of this beautiful game. 
For sure, that Gamemaxx will do absolutely nothing.

Thank you for your attention