Call for an Extraordinary General Assembly of the LDD parent asso

Dear Parents,

Further to the serious governance issues and irregularities brought to your attention by several LDD Board members, and further to the appointment of a new headmaster during the course of the school year, we believe that an extraordinary general assembly of the LDD parent association should be called, as per article 4.3 of the parent association statutes, with the following agenda:

1. Review of the governance and management issues;

2. Suggestions for an improved transparency in the Board governance;

3. Reinstatement of all elected Board members;

4. Proposals to allow the Board to regain the trust of the majority of the parents.

In order to be called, the extraordinary general assembly must be approved by at least one third of the voting members of the parent association.

We therefore ask that those of you who, like us, demand more transparency in the management of the school and accountability from the Board, sign this petition.

We will be happy to provide any additional information you require regarding our motivations to call for this extraordinary assembly. Please do not hesitate to email us on


Helen Larkin, Julien Aubrun, Ross Samuels    Contact the author of the petition