Campaign to increase the frequency of subtitled cinema showings

To cinema complex managers,

As deaf young people, their friends and families living in various regions around the UK we would like to see a difference in the frequency and times of subtitled cinema viewings in our local cinema complexes.

Our current concerns include:

1. Frequency of showings – showings are infrequent with only one or two subtitled viewings of films available each week.

2. Timing of showings – the most common times for showings are weekdays during school hours for example 9am on a Friday morning. This is unpractical for deaf young people in full time education.

3. The choice of films available – often the films available to be viewed with subtitles are not the major new releases and are older or films or those without good reviews.

The 2010 Equality Act states that any service provider is obliged to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate the needs of any person presenting with a disability. We maintain that the lack of access for deaf young people to subtitled showings of films, especially blockbusters, at suitable times should be immediately addressed by cinema complex managers in order to combat any equality issues arising.

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