Cancel CBSE Term 1 Boards

Why you should cancel Term 1 Boards:

-Its December, the month of travelling and celebration. No child is interested in writing a board exam during such a time. 

-Schools did not even give us enough time to prepare since after PreBoards were done, Term 2 portions were being taught. Only a week was given to study before Term 1 Boards began.

-So far ALL the exams which were held had terrible reviews from the students who had written it. For example: Majority of the students found English quite tricky and confusing overall. The Mathematics Boards were also extremely difficult and most children did not even have time to finish the paper which made them guess atleast quarter of their answers. Finally, in the Sociology Exam there were 4 errors which is highly unprofessional 

-The students mental and physical health is at an all time low as well. There has also been a new Covid Variant known as Omicron which has already spread to more than 30 countries across the globe. Please consider the following reasons and understand that a students mental and physical well-being should be any educational organisation's number 1 priority. 

The following are our propositions:

If Term 1 Examinations are cancelled, PreBoard Exam marks can be considered as the students final score. Term 2 can instead be a MCQ based examination.

If Term 1 Examinations go on as it, the best out of PreBoard Examination and Term 1 CBSE Examination can be taken as the final score. For Example: If a student scored 30 for their Term 1 English Paper but 35 for their PreBoard, the better mark can be taken into consideration as the final score for the certain subject.

This would help relieve stress for students and would also be a way to work around the unfortunate inaccuracies of the Board question papers. Everyones needs would be taken into consideration. 


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