Cancel firewall for entering 5th year

Dear classmates,

Recently there have been increasing questions and uncertainty amongst the 4th year international course regarding implementation supposed 'firewall'.

As we are all aware, upon registration to the university we have been told of several conditions that are to be kept (amongst them, tuition, fire wall, etc.).

The firewalls we were informed about were between 4th & 5th and between 10th & 11th semesters (attached pictures from our student manual we received upon starting fresher year).

However, it was only in the late 6th semester (April 12th) that we were officailly notified  for the first time that there will be an additional firewall between the 8th & 9th semesters.

We believe that a decision to implement an extra firewall between 8th & 9th semesters has been made in bad faith and goes against the original stipulations we were given. We believe that just as the tuition hasn't changed, same should apply to the rest of the stipulations to which we agreed.

By signing this petition you voice your objection to the added firewall. This will later be forwarded to the vice-rector.

In addition, you are welcome and encouraged to add in the comments section your reason(s) for objecting the firewall. Please keep any arguement given objective & formal.

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