Predicted / Teacher's Assessed Grades must be given to IGCSE & IAL Exam Candidates for May - June 2022 Session in Bangladesh

Due to the pandemic situation, students throughout the globe have been facing disadvantages for over the past 2 years. First of all, our lives come first. Corona infection rate increased a lot in Bangladesh, one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The cases and death rates of Covid - 19 are a lot higher than what is mentioned officially as a significant proportion of the population is unable to do the Covid-19 tests and so in a situation like this, taking physical exams can prove to be a disaster in the country that can be fatal. Other than that students had not been able to do proper physical classes and there have been lots of mental problems for the students as most of the students had to be locked inside their homes during the lockdown to avoid the death risk of Covid 19. Online classes continued but it hasn't been much help for the students as there are many regions in the country where Internet Connection is not much accessible and Internet problems exist throughout the country. Overall students had suffered from a lot of stress-related problems, internet problems, and tons of other problems that weren't possible to mention here. With all these problems combined, it wasn't possible for the students to get their work done in time and with the safety-risk combined, the best possible solution to this problem is to Cancel the IGCSE (O Levels) and IAL (A Levels) Examinations for the May - June 2022 Session and give us Predicted/ Teacher's Assessed Grades grades instead that had successfully been able to grade students in the May - June 2021 Session. We request both the boards Edexcel and Cambridge to cancel the exams in Bangladesh and give predicted grades and we also request the Education Ministry of Bangladesh to take action regarding this situation and cancel the exams and give predicted grades instead. 

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