Cancel the proposed 2.8% property tax increase by Peel Region

As the residents of Brampton city, we are already paying high property taxes compared to other municipalities in GTA. Our property tax rate is 0.98 which is higher than Mississauga(0.829) and Caledon(0.821).There are many new homes being built in Brampton which will bring additional tax revenue to the city. Hence, the proposed 2.8% tax increase would be hard on many families in Brampton during this inflationary environment. Also we don't see any new basic infrastructure like hospital, schools, major road (Mississauga, Mayfield, etc.) expansions and community safety improvement in our
ward. We lack better transit connectivity to major locations of Brampton and Mississauga, leading to changing multiple buses to reach destination. Many people who own small properties as a primary residence cannot afford high taxes during the high interest rates and high cost of living situation.

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