"Caramel Corn" as a regular and permanent tea at David's Tea

" Caramel Corn " as a regular and permanent tea at David's Tea 

David's Tea always creates new flavours of tea. Some of them are temporary, for a season sometimes. Unfortunately, we are heart broken! We, Caramel Corn's lover, Caramelcornaholic, David's Tea fans, wish that " Caramel Corn " takes place as a regular permanent tea at David's Tea stores (and online). 

10 excellent reasons to put Caramel Corn as a permanent regular tea: 

1. David's Tea army's gonna be so fulfilled by your love towards us. 

2. Why taking off an awesome versatile tea…. Latte, iced latte, warm, chill and great as Pop Tea? 

3. Because everybody must get this elixir to charm them. 

4. Happiness' specialists (sales clerks) are always happy to encourage us to drink " Caramel Corn ". (Of course, they do!)

5. Our tea's stocks are going to end up someday and… it will tear us down. 

6. Caramel corn is great! Even more as tea! It's great against salt and sugar cravings.

7. Each drop is indeniably tasty! (Pretty much like reason #2, but we love it so much!)

8. Ending a tin of tea knowing it's not there anymore, not coming back is one of the worst feeling in the universe!

9. We don't like it, we love it: we ADORE it, right?

10. Because you are nice with David's Tea Army and because you love us? Please? 


Hear our teaholic voices craving for " Caramel Corn "! We stocked this tea but it will eventually end! Please, make it happen: everyone should taste happiness in this herbal! We wanna see the huge silver tin with the yellow sticker " Caramel Corn ". We wanna ask it at stores with a big smile. 

We commit to get at least 100 signatures to this tribute. We will send it at the customer's services.

*This petition is very humoristic, but we wish Caramel Corn's comes back and to be one of the regular tea in stores and online.** If this petition really gets 100 signatures, I'll send it to customer's services FOR REAL. 

Thanks a lot!  

Pénélope Courchesne    Contact the author of the petition