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As of 2015, the Diocese of St. Augustine (DOSA) stopped educating students who have vaccine religious exemptions, and more recently stopped educating some students who have temporary medical exemptions issued by a physician. Due to various medical conditions or previous vaccine reactions, some children should not receive vaccines at the advice of their doctor or at the discretion of their parents. For others, the unethical ways aborted fetuses are used in vaccine manufacturing forces many parents to act against their conscience so their children can attend Catholic Schools in DOSA.

A large number of Catholic children in DOSA are denied a Catholic education due to this diocesan policy. We, the signers of this petition, believe in accordance with Catechismal and Biblical teachings that parents should be free to honor their conscience and obtain vaccine religious exemptions for their children while also retaining the right to provide them with a Catholic education. We humbly ask that you reinstate the acceptance of vaccine religious exemptions in the Diocese of St. Augustine, allowing all families in the diocese to make decisions that align with both their faith and the health of their family.

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