Hi all!!!!!!

I’m a concerned parent along with so many other parents that I think it is viable for the council to agree and get installed CCTV cameras at this particular Skate Park. 

Also lights need to be installed like they are at Morayfield Skate Park. Safety is key in this situation.

There have been so many incidents where children do not feel safe, feel or are threatened by other children/older children ranging from 12 years old - 17/18 years old  

This is not acceptable by any means. 

If we all band together as a community and get as many signatures as possible maybe just maybe our kids will feel a little bit safer. 

My son for one has had issues as well as my 10 year old nephew. 

So please help me in accomplishing this so we can forward this to the council. 

We as a community also feel that this particular skate park is due for a huge upgrade. There is plenty of room to do so. 

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