Cellphone providers... We bought our Data... It shouldn't Expire!!

Buying our data at full price every month, still have left over data but can't use it because our data has expired still we pay full price.....
What would happen if Pick 'n Pay came into our houses at the end of the month, and took away all the groceries we bought that month but had not yet used? What would we say if our car's fuel tank emptied itself every 30 days? Should we let our employers take back all the unspent salary every month on the 24th? That would be unacceptable, right?

Then why does my cellphone provider take away all my unused data and minutes every month? I paid for that! Why do they get to reach into MY phone, and reset MY data? Why does the data i paid for 'expire'? Why do we let them get away with that? How is that fair?


  • Please sign this petition if you feel this is unfair.

I hope this petition will make them rethink the expiration option and hopefully let us keep our data for another month.


If yhere are any suggestions... please feel free to put them down.