Cen7ra petition to get unblacklisted

This, was what cen saw when they had gotten trellobannedbob.pngAs a pia stated: Currently raiding trainings on alts, causing chaos and being shitheads. This is not their first offense. These users have caused issues, harassing HRs, starting drama, trying to get people fired. Is what cen did.

This is not the true story though.

As cen said themself:

fgr.PNGCen was suspected of being the infamous DarkTetraX's alt account, their phone then autocorrected IK to im raising the suspicion of Hrs but nothing happened.


A month later a person who had witnessed this event take place became HR...

From there is history, cen got trello banned from pbst unfairly with no appeal.


This petition will hopefully be passed on into pbst, if you think cen got blacklisted unfairly, sign this and we will hope pbst at least considers this.

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