RESOLVED!!! Change in IDAS setup on Isuzu DMAX


From IUA directly as a result of our petition:

All 22MY D-MAX models feature a new Lane Support System (LSS) Switch, located on the steering wheel. To assist current owners of 21MY D-MAX and MU-X models, the Lane Support System Switch functionality can be retrospectively applied to existing models upon request and is at no cost to the customer. For more information please contact your local authorised Isuzu UTE Dealer.  In the event that an authorised Dealer is unable to resolve a customer enquiry, the Customer Relations Team can be contacted Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm (EST) on 1300 147 898 or  


As an owner of the new Isuzu DMAX I am seriously concerned as to potential safety issues with the new IDAS system. Personally myself with my family I have had multiple instances where the IDAS system has activated and in turn almost caused serious motor vehicle accidents with potentially fatal outcomes. The system while functioning as it was designed, is not designed well for varying road conditions both expected and unexpected including road surfaces, lane narrowing, traffic with other vehicles and trucks as well as the constantly variable nature of Australian road conditions in general. While there is an option to deactivate the problematic features, it reactivates upon vehicle startup and there is no way to adjust the menu while the vehicle is in motion. This is the key problem area and where other manufacturers such as Toyota admit the issue and enable a function on the steering wheel with a one touch deactivate ability while driving.
To provide an example, on recently towing a 2.7T caravan I forgot to deactivate the IDAS features recommended by Isuzu under towing after a rest stop and once I entered a motorway I could not stop to deactivate and was now in this predicament. Not long after re-entering the motorway a truck over took us and in the manoeuvre pushed enough air that it moved our vehicle sideways causing the lane prevention to activate and in result create a potentially fatal trailer sway. The Dmax wheels came off the highway onto the shoulder with the IDAS system continually trying to interact and making the problem considerably worse but fortunately I was able to regain control, this time. This could easily have had devastating and potentially fatal results directly because I could not disable the features while driving that created the trailer sway in the first place. There have been multiple other scenarios that it has been needed to deactivate the system while driving and the fundamental probelm of not being able to deactivate when driving or have the system remember that the driver needs the system off after restarting, but especially when towing, is a major oversight with potentially devastating outcomes...something acknowledged by other manufactures and rectified. 
This petition is to request similar actions by Isuzu and introduce a feature to disable lane prevention and other features while driving or to remember to keep the features off as directed after restarting, or an instant turn off of those features recommended by Isuzu when towing upon connection of a trailer plug.

In addition, I believe that Isuzu are breaching Australian design regulations with steering design as referred in the below regulations specifically section 5.1.6

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