Change Gibraltar National Day Holiday to the 11th of Sept

It's called Gibraltar National Day holiday not Gibraltar Music Festival holiday. Everyone in Gibraltar celebrates National Day, only a fraction of the population attends GMF so why are we giving the few prefrence over the entire population? 


Look, we know why, we know GMF brings in more money, we know that's the reason you changed it, hoping people would stay later on Sunday and spend more money, that's great, but if you want to do that then MAKE ANOTHER PUBLIC HOLIDAY. What you cannot do is all of sudden change a public holiday that has been there since the conception of nationl day and public holidays.

I'm not much of a history buff but even I feel insulted that a festival has taken priority over our own National day, the day we celebrate our indipendance and freedom (in this case the day we rest after celebrating our indipendence and freedom) has been stripped and given to an organisation who's only goal is money. 

The Bottom line is this, GMF is a festival like thousands of other around the world. National day is ours, it's our own special day to celebrate being llanito.

If the date is not changed then I will not be attending work on the 11th.