Change The Hunting Laws For People With Disabilities!


PA Game Commissioners


What changes are requested?

*The antler restriction for people with disabilities, would be changed to that of the youth restrictions.

*The allowing of people with disabilities to hunt during the youth and special firearms seasons or to have a special season for those with disabilities be created.


The reasons for these requests are as follows:

1 With the added movement that it takes with a disability, or the added help and/or voice communication of a guide; the disabled are at a disadvantage with the antler restrictions. If the youth restrictions could be followed, it would allow a disabled person a more leveled playing field as the non-disabled. There is only a limited amount of time, movement and noise that can occur, to get off an accurate shot.

2 If the disabled person could hunt during the youth and special firearms seasons, this would allow for the deer to be in a more natural-and not so spooked-state. We are not out to just be taking “pop shots”, we want to make kill shots and not be wounding the animal. If hunting in these seasons is not possible-for whatever the reason-then having a disabled hunting season is requested. They are made available to the youth and seniors, so why not to the disabled?


Feel free to leave any questions, comments or your personal experiences that you might have or know of. I can speak from experience about the blind hunter. I would love to have an open discussion with anyone on this topic. Only I can see your email or phone number, so if you leave it, I can keep you updated on any progress.

Thanks and God Bless,


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