Change the name of the shopping centre from Singleton village to Karnup village.

We the people of Vista Estate Karnup, with the backing of The Singleton Residents Association, are of the perspective that the name of the shopping centre does not accurately reflect its location. We strongly request the name be changed from Singleton Village to Karnup Village as we are of the belief that the shops should reflect the locality they are situated in, which is Karnup. The developer of the estate, DMG/ Golden Group has recently been advised due to legal reasons that it must remove Singleton from all and any signs and promotions or face prosecution and so it stands to reason that the shopping centre name should also be changed to coincide with the same parameters.

Please see below for some key points from a policy from Landgate;

I will direct you to page 55, specifically 

4.1.2 Unacceptable names.

Locality names which are not directly related to the area in which they are to be located will not be accepted. As the Vista estate is in Karnup and not singleton, it could be contended that the current name falls into the unacceptable names category.


I will also direct you to page 57, specifically

4.2.1 Existing duplicated or similar sounding names.

Whilst these policies are not expected to enact changes to precedents where established locality names  are  duplicated  or  are  similar  in  sound  or  spelling  (homonymous), if  such names  are  found  to  have  caused,  or  are  likely  to cause a  risk  to  life  and confusion  in  the delivery  of  essential  services,  consultation  with  the  relevant  local  government  and  the affected community should be undertaken to have a unique and compliant name approved. If no agreement can be met between the relevant local government and the community in the application of a new unique locality name for an area, and the Minister agrees such a change is in the community’s best interests, a formal name change may still be endorsed by the Minister.            

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