Change the Romanian AUTO Dealers PRACTICE

All the car owners are familiar, more or less, with the practices of Importers/Dealerships in Romania. Maybe less, the future owners, who have not yet had the opportunity to be owners of a car, that have not gone through the process of purchasing a car, whether new or used, purchased directly from a car dealership. Therefore, I believe that this petition is addressed primarily to potential customers, but also to those who are already title holders, but will return into dealerships and may purchase another car.

This petition is based on the fact that a prominent automobile importer and distributor that is selling cars and provides services on the Romanian market, even though it has a strict distribution agreement with the manufacturer, with very well defined terms, with services of a high standard level, even though the dealer indicates in writing on its own websites that the prospective clients will receive a package of benefits if they only puchase a car from that certain dealer, compared with a purchase made directly from owners or from internet, the dealer considers that the prospective client, as long as he does not require a replacement check of any parts of the car, as long as he does not ask if it is possible that the vehicle in question has suffered any interventions, will be considered as knowing exactly the quality of the vehicle purchased. Or, without a standard document signed by both parties in respect of this issue, where the client will fully agree about the requested and received information, I believe that in the future, in a certain context, the client would have no proof of the originally request and verbally received information from the dealer (which may be true or not), without being able to prove this at a later time. Even more, because, being informed about interventions suffered by the car, the potential customers will have the opportunity, if they accept that specific car, to negotiate the correct purchase price with the dealer, in a full awareness of the cause. This will increase the confidence in the car dealers, and that potential owners of cars will be sure that the choice of car dealerships, detrimental to private sellers, was the correct and safe way to choose.


We, the signatories of this petition, are asking members of Parliament or Government, by the virtue of their right to legislative initiatiators to promote a law ordering the importers and distributors of the cars in Romania, to make known in writing by their own initiative, to all potential clients of new or used cars, about any type of interventions recorded on these vehicles, regardless of the type of intervention - mechanical, bodywork, painting, parts replacement, regardless of the intervention or parts replaced value, whether they comply with the manufacturer's standard, before selling them to the potential customers.This obligation for the auto dealers will create the comfort of the future owners of cars for the quality of the goods purchased, but will also ensure that their safety, life and health will not be endangered by acquiring the respective automobile.

Only in this context, being informed, the potential customers will give their consent in writing whether they agree with the state of the car, in conditions described by the seller, only after that the car in question can be sold, following a financial negotiation in which the client is aware of the cause.