Change the laws on sexual offenders of children in our Schools

We the parents and students of Canajoharie School District in upstate NY have been impacted by something that should never have been allowed to happen. 

A level 2 registered sex offender, a PEDOPHILE, convicted of sexually harming a nine year old, was allowed to walk amongst our precious children, in their very own school. (Headstart-8 grade)

Unfortunately this was allowed because of the way the law is now currently written. This man was not charged for engaging our children in conversation, writing them notes saying, "I love you," or making them all around uncomfortable.

He was banned from the school by their policy, only because of the notes he gave them. Had he not gave them notes, they would not have been able to ban him for “disrupting the school and its students."

He was praying on our children, and there was no LAW to actually PROTECT them.

The goal of this petition is to

  • Force our local officials and schools within our counties statewide to evaluate their current local laws regarding convicted sexual offenders of children, being allowed in their schools.
  • Establish a STATE LAW protecting our children from convicted sexual offenders of children, in schools, day cares, youth centers and parks.
  • Create a Federal law, once we tackle our state.

It is not only our job to protect our children, it is the schools job, and it is also the states job to protect them as well.

We are going to hold everyone accountable to ensure all of our children's safety.

Some parents will be getting together to gather ideas for exactly how the law should change. We will bring this proposal we create along with all petitions signed by parents to any, and everyone who will listen, from assemblyman to Senators and right up to the Governor.

We are hoping our local schools support this petition, and consider evaluating how they handle such situations should they arise, but hopefully never will.

Please share and sign this petition to help our children.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I promise to fight for better protection of our children, but I need your help.

Best wishes,

Heather Murphy and the Parents and residents of Canajoharie, New York