Help Julia & her children! Make the UN child convention law in Sweden!

We who sign this petition believe that it is a SCANDAL how Julia Mooney and especially her CHILDREN have been treated by the Swedish courts!

We want Sweden to start taking children's rights more seriously and to always take into account the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD in the courts, so that similar tragic cases can be avoided in the future!

We want Sweden to adopt the "UN Convention on the Rights of the Child" as law, just as they have done in both Finland and Norway (2003) .

Right now there is bill in Sweden to do so - together we can change Sweden for the better!

BRIEF BACKGROUND to Julia and the children's situation (you can also read more on

Julia, 38, is a Swedish citizen and has three children, two daughters, 9 and 5 years, and a son of 8 years. The kids have both Swedish and American citizenship.

Because of a failed operation in the U.S. (as a result of Julia's ulcerative colitis) Julia and the children came to live in Sweden in April 2010 so that Julia could have her final surgery. The idea was also for Julia's parents to help with the kids so that Julia's husband would get some relief and be able to focus on his work in order to recover their economy. The agreement between husband and wife was that Julia and the children would stay in Sweden until Julia's health had been restored. Julia's husband said this was a good idea.

Unfortunately, there were complications with Julia's surgery and treatments and she and the children had to stay longer than expected in Sweden. The kids started school and preschool and really enjoyed their lives in Sweden.

In August 2010, the husband filed for divorce (which came as a shock for Julia ), but he also said that he would never take the children away from Julia because she is such a good mom. Despite this, in March 2011 he demands that Julia and the children shall return to the U.S. and a lawsuit over the custody of the children was scheduled to be held in October 2011.

After many trials both in the U.S. and in Sweden - it ends with SVEA COURT OF APPEAL AND THE SUPREME COURT TEARING UP THE CHILDREN FROM THEIR SAFE ENVIRONMENT IN SWEDEN AND FORCE THEM THEM AWAY FROM THEIR MUM BY DECIDING THAT THE CHILDREN MUST BE SENT BACK TO THE U.S. despite the fact that they had lived in Sweden for over two years and also despite the fact that the U.S. court at the time had decided that the children should stay in Sweden until the next trial in the US.

The Hague convention states that children have acquired habitual residence (the place you call ‘home’) in a country after living there for at least 365 days. Sweden follows the Hague Convention and therefore it's unfathomable that the Svea Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court could decide to send the children back to the United States even though they lived in Sweden for over 2 years.

The children thrived with their mother in Sweden and did not want to move back to the U.S. They had adapted to the Swedish school system, gained friends and taken up hobbies.

The best interest of the children has been completely ignored in this Swedish Hague Convention case.


PS . Right now the father is against letting the kids fly home to Sweden to visit during the summer even though there is a court order that says they should. It's tough for both the children and Julia, and the husband makes it almost impossible for the children to cultivate both of their two cultures and connect with their roots in Sweden. We think this is wrong!