Citizens Against Having 3+ Story Buildings in Downtown Poulsbo

Note: PLEASE READ AND SIGN - The Poulsbo City Council is meeting again July 11 to continue discussion to decide. Any new signatures and comments will be given to them before.

We, the undersigned, 18 years of age, or older, citizens and/or owners of property of Poulsbo, Washington request the Poulsbo City Council maintain the quaint, Norwegian Heritage in Downtown Poulsbo (C1 Zone) and not allow any multi-level, large apartments, such as the proposed Vanaheimr Apartment Building (Old Police Station) or the proposed development on Old City Hall.  

Buildings taller than two stories are too high, bulky and out-of-scale for downtown Poulsbo. We ask you, the City Council, to approve the downtown Poulsbo Code in the C1 Zone and Shop Front Overlay with buildings no taller than 25’ including roofs and appurtenances and only commercial businesses on the first floor and apartments on the second floor. Put big apartment buildings in areas of Poulsbo outside the C1 Zone and Overlay where there can be true affordable housing with needed transit, grocery stores, and services. The anticipated increase in traffic if apartment buildings are allowed will severely affect the already dense traffic and parking loads in Downtown Poulsbo.  

Conduct SEPA, State Environmental Policy Act, on any projects, proposed and future in the Downtown C-1 Zone and Shop Front Overlay as required by Washington State and the City of Poulsbo’s SEPA law. SEPA identifies, analyzes and mitigates environmental impacts including Aesthetics (views), Transportation, etc. associated with governmental decisions.

To view photos of proposed Old City Hall proposed apartments Downtown Jensen Way, pages A8 – 11:  

To view photos of proposed Vanheimr Apartments at Hostmark/Fjord Drive/Front Street: file:///C:/Users/myrvang/Pictures/City%20of%20Poulsbo/Vanaheimr-Drawings-March-1-2018.pdf  

To read about SEPA on the City of Poulsbo’s website:  

To read the list of SEPA Environmental Elements in the WA state law:  


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