Citizens opposing proposed bylaw 856-P-07-22 and 865-P-02-23

We, the undersigned, Coaldale residents and/or property owners, respectfully petition that the town not approve the proposal of bylaw 856-P-07-22 and 856-P-07-23, because it is inconsistent with the neighborhood scale-and-character of bordering subdivisions, and is insufficient in municipal reserve space.

1. The proposed Area Structure plan consists of 4 multi-family units that are overly large. It will replace single-family home space with multiple residences and increase traffic and parking issues.

 2. Street traffic will become heavy and parking tight. Adding buildings with potentially more cars will unreasonably worsen traffic. Demand for parking by visitors will make the parking situation worse, too. 

 3.  If not properly designed, higher density developments can decrease the aesthetic quality of  neighborhoods. The proposal at hand will do exactly that. 

 4. The proposals do not appear to take into account the strain so many more homes and vehicles will place on expensive resources.

5.  The municipal reserve space proposed is approximately 1.5 percent as opposed to the 10% that may be alloted for parks and green space.  The developer is opting for cash in lieu of the space that would be beneficial to multiple surrounding areas


The Town is not required to approve an application simply because it meets technical requirements when it is demonstrated that its fulfillment will unreasonably diminish the quality of life in the neighborhood. The insufficient green space and the multi-unit zoning should not be utilized to profit developers to the detriment of residents. Any development should enhance residents’ lives, not merely the developer’s wallet. This one falls far short. 

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