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Our healthcare system is currently undergoing a crisis, which has impacted on our lives and the integrity and honor of our profession. Thousands of lives are lost daily in health facilities across country as a direct result of limited financial resources and lack of access to healthcare. We continue to witness the horrendous consequences of a severely flawed and dysfunctional system, a glaring sign that it is time for a complete overhaul of our country’s healthcare system.   As physicians we bear the biggest brunt of the failings of this healthcare system and are often stretched beyond the limits of our professional consciences. At this crucial time in the history of the medical profession in Cameroon:  


·         We can no longer be silent facing the sharp decline in the quality of healthcare services provided in both public and private sectors in our country.


·         We can no longer be voiceless bystanders to all the avoidable deaths, which occur in health facilities across our country due to the lack of infrastructural and financialresources crippling our healthcare system.

·         We strongly refute every suggestion that a universal healthcare system with access for all is an unattainable objective for our country, when this model has been successfully implemented in countries with far less resources than ours.

·         We decry the lack of technical and infrastructural resources available to healthcare providers, severelylimiting our ability to provide optimal care to populationsand perpetuating archaic and dangerous practices sub-par to international evidence-based norms.

·         We decry the insufficient involvement of populations in matters directly relating to their health and well being including: prevention, community participation and also involvement in the decision making process.

·         We denounce the insufficient regulation of noxious substances with a negative impact on the health of the population (alcohol, tobacco, sugary drinks, contaminated food products…) and locally produced traditional medicines, as well as the weakcontrol of illicit and counterfeit drugs sold freely on our streets and markets.


We, as physicians from Cameroon, proclaim our determination to work with within the law in order to contribute to the improvement of the healthcare system in Cameroon.      


22th april 2016



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