Petition for the exclusion of FIDESZ from the European People's Party

Petition to all members of the European People’s Party

We the signatories submit this petition respectfully to express our utter bewilderment and deep concern over the ever-growing influence exercised by the Hungarian Fidesz and its leader within the political arena of the European Union.

We are asking you to radically reconsider Fidesz’s place within the European People’s Party and exclude them from your group before the 2019 European Parliamentary elections.  

We have cogent evidence to support our request, namely that Hungary, under Fidesz’ leadership can no longer be considered a democratic state since Viktor Orbán and his party have systematically undermined the rule of law and democratic institutions, among these  

-          The independence of the media
-          The autonomy and independence of the judiciary
-          The autonomy and independent administration of public institutions  

as well as the democratic system of checks and balances and used violence against Hungarian citizens and parliamentary representatives.

The elections held in 2018 cannot be considered democratic  
-          in the absence of an independent media
-          because the ruling party used Hungarian and EU taxpayers’ money to run ‘add-on’ campaigns to bolster their own popularity and thus thwarted campaign finance rules
-          because the ruling party relied on misrepresentations and flagrant lies in their propaganda war against immigrants and Jewish finance, tantamount to incitement to hatred, stoking the flames of fear in voters, creating bogeymen (we do suggest the investigation of these events)

The deeply divisive ruling style of Fidesz subject millions of Hungarian citizens to exclusion. They are petrified and observe the unfolding events with horror.

FIDESZ and its leader have systematically undermined the democratic institutions thus have made the possibility for regime change, a main criterion of democracy, almost impossible.

We fail to comprehend why you accept FIDESZ as a member of your Party, since it has stopped being  a democratic party, it’s become Victor Orban’s personal enterprise.

Some time ago, you issued statements referring to results in keeping Orbán in check. We fail to see what exactly these results might be. Should we be impressed that his crowd control policy is not ‘fire at will’? He has already bought the arms, and has modified the Constitution in a way that anyone can be kept under surveillance and harassed without requiring a special procedure with adequate reasons.

He has created an atmosphere of fear and intimidation both within and outside his party that is typical of dictatorial regimes:

-          Even according to the EPPO Victor Orbán has committed criminal acts to increase the wealth of his family -          He uses Hungarian and EU citizens’ tax revenue for his personal benefit
-          He uses incitement to hatred and social exclusion to create a split within Hungarian society and exclude those in opposition to the margins (those who are not with us are against us), and to ratchet up anger and frustration instead of creating a peaceful environment
-          The main governmental institutions (Chief Prosecutor’s Office, Tax Authority, Ministry of Interior) are run by Orbán’s confidantes
-          Uses the method of instigation to hatred against ethnic groups (against our Jewish and Muslim compatriots)
-          Has undermined the existence of independent media -          Hypocritically uses Christianity to fuel conflict amongst Hungarian citizens

Fidesz and its dictatorial governance ridicules the fundamental values of the European Union such as solidarity, freedom, equality and the rule of law.

Sadly, the current Hungarian predicament didn’t simply occur overnight, it is the outcome of a process that has been brewing for some time. We fully accept that Hungarian citizens and their various party formations have had and undeniable role in these turns of events. However, the institutions of the European Union have their own share of responsibility for how things have turned out, they have to take some of the blame.

We intend to set up an alliance which can engender and embed the process of democratisation in Hungary. In order to do that we would need your help and support as well.

As responsible citizens, we therefore call on you to expel Fidesz from your parliamentary group.