Collective Ownership Right

To All Global Leaders,

The earth is not a capitol projection. It was created for the inhabitants to dwell on without being problematic. It is a self contained ecosystem built to last unless you go out of your way to trash it. So for the last 200 years or so man has gone out of their way to deliberately decimate our home. Manufacturing toxic vehicles, fossil fueled buildings and devices that have depleted our resources. Our resources include: oil, land, water, oxygen, precious human lives, precious wildlife, The Great Barrier Reef and now they want to figure out how to broaden their conquest by trampling all over outer space.

Is it not enough that they've all but destroyed the planet we all call home? I personally do not believe it is the first time that they've accomplished this atrocity. 

What do they have to gain from this? Profit, power and resources. Instead of showing compassion they feed into their evil side by ignoring the needs of the people. They are afraid to acknowledge they’re wrongdoing because they have too much pride. They are addicted and drunk off of the delusions of grandiosity. This drunkenness clouds their thinking and overall ability to manage anything logically or with harmony.

It is long overdue that this power be capped. When you are allowed to control something or someone without impunity and for the sole purpose of making them your unwilling servant/slave by abusively encroaching upon their inalienable rights you put yourself at a disadvantage as well.

Even if you have higher knowledge or technology you are not entitled to use said advantages to cause harm to any other people or beings, period. It is an endangerment and universally unlawful regardless of the lies and fake propaganda that are used in counterarguments. 

We are self contained beings deserving of the highest respect, so is this planet and every entity dwelling upon it. Wherever we are is home, whether it be a building, a treehouse, a hut, a cave, a street corner, an abandoned lot, a sidewalk, a cardboard box or anywhere else available to us, the collective Earth family.

It is unlawful and dysfunctional to attack, harass, imprison or damage anything belonging to anyone dwelling on this planet. Since your system is deformed and is not a reliable source in any regard for its so called subjects, which by the way just because you created labels and barcodes for anyone moving does not mean that those are continuously valid when you have consistently abused your self-appointed power. Your power is malfunctioning in regard to those you have chosen to 'lord' over. Once again without their permission. You are the reason everyone is sick. Without your diseased, poisonous methods ruining our food, air, water and land supplies people would miraculously be healed. 

So this petition is asking that everyone who agrees with everything that I have said please sign and let's send a collective message that we are hereby informing them that we are not their property nor are we going to stand by and watch while they destroy the rest of our beautiful home. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Let's turn the tide in our collective favor. Remember, we outnumber them. 


Soulher Poword 


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