An Article 31 Petition to REPEAL COMMON CORE in New Hampshire

This Petition is Sponsored by NH Reps John Hikel and Jeannine Notter

Please contact your NH Legislators and ask them to Co-sponsor this Constituency Legislation


An Article 31 Petition for Redress for the Restoration of Locally Created, Established, Managed and Controlled School Districts & Environments and for the elimination of interference from State and Federal agencies.

We, The Undersigned People of New Hampshire, Demand a Redress Hearing to Address and Instruct Our Legislature regarding the current Instructional and Educational System and how it violates Our Conscience and has led to some of the Least Inspired and Most Uninformed Youth this land has yet to bear witness to.

We have the same Natural, Inherent and Unalienable Right to Redress that We did 229 years ago when the New Hampshire Constitution was first ratified, Securing and Enumerating some of those Rights for Us and Our Posterity.

Peace and Tranquility prevailed 150 years ago because Parents were not compelled to place Their Children within school environments which promoted educational and/or instructional goals and practices that offended Their Conscience.

Local Governance of Education and Instruction is a Natural, Inherent, and Unalienable Parental Right and Duty: We have the Right, the Duty and therefore the Authority to create, manage and control all aspects of the educational/instructional
environment in which we place Our Children.

The Right to direct the Education and Instruction of Our Children, to Elect Our Own Teachers, and to Contract with them without Interference from Provincial, State and Federal agencies was secured and enumerated in the language of the Original Article 6 of our 1784 Bill of Rights.

Although that Original Article 6 Language has been slowly Plundered from our Bill of Rights to allow for the perverted and destructive Educational system in which We are now Compelled to take part of, We still have the Right to restore the over 2600 school districts and environments New Hampshire once had and to support those districts/environments with Our tax dollars and other properties.

We Therefore, the People of New Hampshire, demand that the General Court take Notice of Our Natural, Inherent and Unalienable Parental Rights to educate Our Children, and to do so through Locally Created, Managed and Controlled Educational and Instructional Districts and Environments.

We further demand that the General Court update the Statutes of Our State to reflect the True Nature of these Inherent, Natural and Unalienable Rights.

In support of these demands, We state the following regarding certain Articles of Our New Hampshire Bill of Rights to wit;


1. Regarding Article 1 - We withdraw Our Consent to having Our tax dollars and other properties used or applied to support the current perverted and destructive educational system because it violates Our Conscience. For the same reason We also withdraw Our Consent to having Our Children take part in such system.

2. Regarding Article 2 - We have the natural, essential and inherent Right as Parents to defend Our Children by Protecting their Educational and Instructional Environments during their formative years in order to provide them with the best possible set of life skills in order that they may more easily enjoy life and obtain happiness.

3. Regarding Article 3 - It is the Duty of this General Court to protect our Natural Parental Rights to provide for Our Children a wholesome and complete Education. Should the General Court fail to protect these Natural Parental Rights, it will render void all We have surrendered for the establishment of New Hampshire as a Free and Independent Sovereign State.

4. Regarding Article 4 - Our Right to Conscience is Unalienable. Likewise, Our Parental Rights to provide for Our Children, at our discretion, a wholesome and complete Education and Instruction is also a Natural Unalienable Right because no equivalent can be given or received for them.

5. Regarding Article 5 - Whereas Every individual has a natural and unalienable Right to Worship God according to the
dictates of his Own Conscience, and reason; ... in the manner and season most agreeable to the dictates of his own conscience,
and whereas New Hampshire was established upon Evangelical Principles (see original Article 6 ). We demand that peaceful expressions of Worship be allowed within the Educational and Instructional environment in which We elect to surround Our children.

6. Regarding Article 6 - We the People, the creators of Government, demand equal standing with the Founders of New Hampshire in that We demand a Restoration of Our Rights to Locally Create, Manage and Control the Educational and Instructional Environment we use to educate and instruct Our Children in. Likewise, We further demand the restoration of Our Right to Elect Our Own Teachers and to support them all with Our tax dollars and other properties as We, at Our discretion, so choose to do.

7. Regarding Article 7 - As a Free, Sovereign and Independent People, having the sole and exclusive Right of Self-Governance, We Invoke Our Parental Rights as stated herein to the Exclusion of all State and Federal Interference.

8. Regarding Article 8 - We agree that all the power delegated to the General Court  originates in and is derived from the People. We therefore demand that the Legislature Immediately Assemble for the Redress of Our Grievances according to Article 31 and that it make the Necessary Laws to Correct the Statutes forthwith and without delay as the public good now requires.

9. Regarding Article 10 - The time has come when the educational "ends of government are perverted, and the public liberty manifestly endangered and all other means of redress are ineffectual" and thus We, "the People may, and of Right ought to reform the old, or establish a new" Instructional and Educational System. "The doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power, and oppression, is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind."

10. Regarding Article 12 - We agree that the People of New Hampshire shall not be "controllable by any other laws than those to which they, or their representative body, have given their consent." It is for this reason that we Withdraw Our Consent and demand a restoration of Our Rights as stated herein.


In further support of these demands, We convey the following regarding Our Unlimited

Right to Contract with the Teachers and Instructors of Our Choosing;

11. Article 1, section 10 states "No State shall ... pass any ... Law impairing the Obligations of Contracts".

Clarification of this Constitutional provision is provided by the U.S. Supreme Court in Hale v. Henkel, 201 U.S. 43 (1906)

"The individual may stand upon his constitutional rights as a citizen. He is entitled to carry on his private business in his own way. His power to contract is unlimited. He owes no duty to the State or to his neighbors to divulge his business, or to open his doors to an investigation, so far as it may tend to criminate him. He owes no such duty to the State, since he receives nothing therefrom beyond the protection of his life and property. His rights are such as existed by the law of the land long
antecedent to the organization of the State, and can only be taken from him by due process of law, and in accordance with the Constitution. Among his rights are a refusal to incriminate himself and the immunity of himself and his property from arrest or seizure except under a warrant of the law. He owes nothing to the public so long as he does not trespass upon their rights."


To rebut the presumption of any delegated  authority the Federal Government presumes to have in these matters, We Demand the General Court take note of the 9th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which states,

The enumeration in the Constitution,

of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.


We further Demand the General Court take note of the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which states,

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution,

nor prohibited by it to the States,

are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

It is abundantly clear that no Authority to Instruct or to Educate Our Children has ever been delegated to the government through either the Federal or State constitutions, Therefore it is equally clear that the Authority to Instruct and to Educate Our Children was Reserved by the People of New Hampshire.

For the Reasons Stated Above, We, the undersigned People of New Hampshire Invoke Our Natural, Inherent and Unalienable Parental Rights to protect Our Children through their formative years by Creating and Establishing Locally Managed and Controlled Educational and Instructional Districts and Environments with the taxes and other properties we are now Compelled to part with and We Invoke Our Right to do so without interference from any State or Federal agencies.

We Further Demand that the New Hampshire Statutes be updated forthwith to reflect Our Rights as stated herein,

All State and Federal law to the contrary Not-With-Standing.