Community Opposition to Organic Recycling Facility in White Marsh MD

We, the undersigned, notify the Administrative Law Judge of Baltimore County MD presiding over the Zoning Case involving PEH Organic Recycling Facility that we are opposed to this applicant being granted a zoning variance to operate an organic recycling facility at 11235 - 11239 Philadelphia Rd, White Marsh MD 21162.

This would be the ONLY facility of it's kind in the State of Maryland located within a residential community. Although the property itself has commercial zoning, it is completely surrounded by residential properties, many newly developed neighborhoods with median home prices in the $500K range. It's important to note that ALL other organic recycling facilities in Maryland are located in either rural or industrial areas.

Additionally, we are opposed to the organic recycling facility operating within our community because of the anticipated increase in dump truck traffic (up to 200 trucks daily), increased traffic and road congestion, operational noise in excess of 90 dB during operating hours (dump trucks, front end loaders, skid loaders, mini excavators, Jake brakes & back up beepers) since noises <70 dB can cause hearing loss. There is also great concern for vermin such as roaches, mice and rats to be included in the "feedstock" brought in with each truck load, and we don't want this problem introduced into our community, nor do we want poison used to control the problem, since we have a healthy ecology (chipmunks, possoms, raccoons, foxes, turtles, frogs, birds, red breasted hawks, vultures and bald eagles) and secondary poisoning is a possibility.

Lastly, the property - 11239 Philadelphia Rd - was recently added to the Maryland Department of the Environment - MDE's Brownfield Master Index due to it's history of contamination with  Volatile Organic Chemicals - VOCs and other hazardous materials. In fact,  MDE is working with the current property owner (GRP 11239 Philadelphia Rd LLC) regarding a remediation plan for the property. 

Therefore, we are opposed to PEH Organic Recycling Facility operating an organic recycling facility at 11239 Philadelphia Rd, White Marsh MD 21162.

Heather Patti, White Marsh Cowenton Community Association    Contact the author of the petition