Corporate Bullying

I am begging , literally begging for help to get Sparebox Storage Facility Corporation to listen to me . The actions of thier employees  has destroyed my business and my life and I am just desperate to be heard . Because of a clerical error the wrong storage unit was emptied (mine ) and they have not only done anything to fix the situation , they won't even speak to me. There is not a single number available for anyone that works in the corperare office and thier customer service will not give you one. I am old and have health problems and because of those problrns had a lengthy stay in the hospital last yr abc lost everything ..i have killed myself ho get back on my feet the only way I know how and that was through opening back up my eBay store . I started with nothing and with no vehicle and no money and barely able to walk or stand I managed to build back up and had a healthy invventory built up and there was a light at the end of the tunnel and then Sparebox " cleaned out'  the  wrong unit and even though they were made aware of it the same day their employees refused to return the thousands of dollars worth of items they took and then insult to injury those sane employees came back and stole more things . After numerous calls  tio their customer service department, their answer was to terminate my lease rather than be responsible for rectifying the situation.  The company's actions have real life consequences and  the consequence of my  ,their actions in the case wax the ending of my.small business and the beginning of my homelessness. I just want people to sign this petition to get them to  acknowledge and investigate my situation. ,and take steps to rectify it so it does not happen to anyone else . They took everyting that j worked and struggled so hard for.. please sign and maybe help get their attention . Thank you 

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