CP Rail - Track Level Switch Clearing Devices / Blowers - Noise Pollution

TO: Canadian Transportation Agency ("Agency") and CP Railway (“CP”)

On behalf of our community at 60 and 61 Heintzman Street in Toronto, we are asking for an order to be issued by the Agency, requiring CP to implement any measures necessary to eliminate the severe, constant noise pollution generated by their two switch clearing devices  / blowers, installed at the CP tracks access point at 61 Heintzman and Indian Grove, within a few meters from our buildings,  by November 2022.

The two blowers have been running constantly since mid November 2021, and are not expected to be turned off until mid April 2022.   The blowers will then be re-activated in November 2022 for the next winter maintenance season.

The severe, constant noise pollution has had a widespread effect on our two buildings.  The constant noise is disturbing at any given time, with often extreme levels at night, when the temperatures drop and the blowers run at the highest capacity.   The noise has caused chronic sleep disturbance, headaches and stress, with ill effects on both physical and mental health.  The constant noise exposure is of yet greater concern for residents with health conditions.  The constant noise has also affected the use and enjoyment of our homes. 

It is very concerning that CP has been well aware of this issue since November 2021, clearly taking an unfair advantage of its exemption from local by-laws and regulations, which are in place to prevent harmful noise emissions in residential areas.

The noise issue must be rectified as soon as possible.  Our community cannot be exposed to such extreme noise pollution, for five months during every winter season to come.  No one should have industrial blowers installed in their backyard, and be forced to live with their harmful noise emissions for any period of time.  




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