Crystal Archlord Szerver


UPDATE: We have reached 10 signatures! Thank you :-)


We would like to start a new private server called Crystal Archlord, but at first we would like to recruit players!

We are going to use VPS server with 100/100 internet connection! --> NO LAG!

Our server has a lot of RAM  --> NO CRASH!

Information about the server:

Experience 3x & Drop 3x

Uniques drop implanted

Rare rings drop implanted

92 weapons drop implanted

Cm stats added/Wz stats mixed ( 80% cm stats + 20 % wz stats)

Gold coins/Silver coins implanted

New monsters 76-82+ from the original episode implanted

New cc items implanted (toa+/lens+/talisman of heavenly luck and much more)
New zone with drop implanted

Drop with 3 slots uniques implanted

Scion Prayer stone implanted

New start items implanted ( rare weapon when you start a new character/large healing potions 50/ large mana potion 50 )

Premium ticket added (the premium ticket drop is verry low/if you get one the GM comes in game 1 day/week to give the premium item = slot extenders and special prayer stones/lighting/poison prayer stones/ice prayer stones > depends how much tickets you will have the rewards will be posted)


If the petition reaches 100-150 user signatures then we will start the Crystal project.

We accept 1 signature/ IP address!

After we recruited enough players we will set up the server in 2 days!

In our plans we would like to start it at 2011.12.10