Cooperation for the Cultural Anthropology BA Program in Hungary

The Hungarian Cultural Anthropological Association expresses its deep concern about next year’s restriction on offering the cultural anthropology undergraduate program. We are equally concerned about the news releases regarding the possible elimination of the study of cultural anthropology, and with that, undermining the internationally recognized and institutionalized discipline of social science in Hungary.  

The study of cultural anthropology has been committed serving society with its research results from the beginning.  Details

We consider it important that appropriate preparatory work, based on learning about the nature of the discipline, education and training involved, activities of graduates, precedes science- and education-policy decisions affecting those disciplines. To this, we provide all the technical assistance.

We ask the decision-makers to reconsider the weight and consequences of the measure, at the same time call on them to withdraw the government decree of eliminating the undergraduate cultural anthropology program. Furthermore, we encourage the continuation of substantive discussions on the future of undergraduate cultural anthropology program and discipline in Hungary.

Please read our statement, and sign this petition.

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