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  I Say “No” to  the Practice of Whipping and Other Corporeal Punishments       

Based on my natural and citizenship rights to free speech and freedom of ideas:      

I Say “No” to the practice of whipping and any other sorts of corporeal punishments, for they exactly fit the definition of “torture”.     

I Say “No” to any legal and formal or beyond-law punishments by whipping, or other bodily measures, for these are corporeal and psychological tortures with irreversible impacts on the convict, while severely damaging his/her human dignity. Moreover, such inhumane practices dramatically hurt the children, spouses, and relatives of the convict.     

I Say “No” to any public exposure of whipping and other corporeal punishments, for I believe that witnessing such scenes and remaining silent means nothing but cooperating with the executors.     

I Say “No” to legalizing and institutionalizing of the practice of whipping and other corporeal punishments, for directly or indirectly, they justify and instigate violence in the society, and eventually, contribute to individual and social disasters.     

I Say “No” to whipping and other corporeal punishments, for such practices put Iranians – as individuals and as a nation – in severe shame and degradation.  I strive to see the name of my country “Iran” in the first rank of human and ethical, scientific and economic, artistic and peace making progresses in the world, and I firmly believe that no nation can convince others about its peacefulness, unless inside their own borders they exert a zero tolerance policy toward legal forms of atrocity.     

I plea for the immediate abolition of corporeal punishments and primarily, whipping.  I call for putting an end to publically exposing and watching the scenes of atrocity.    

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