Dance Should be an Olympic Sport

Many feel that dance should be an Olympic sport. Many don't consider dance even as a sport! This is such non-sense. Dance requires much more conditioning and training as ANY of those Olympic sports. I being a competitive dancer know how hard dance is and how intense the sport is. Now I know that some think of dance as an art, rather than a sport. But figure skating is also considered an art but it's still in the Olympics! Dancers train on hand about 6-10 hours a day. In those hours, us dancers are stretching, conditioning, learning combinations, and having to push ourselves through the pain of injuries, soreness, and over stretching. Like any other athlete, dancers are injured constantly. People appreciate dance a lot. Most don't think that sports like curling are that entertaining. Dancers train way harder and suffer injuries and pain. So why isn't dance in the Olympics or considered a sport? Thank you for reading.

-Madison Maginn (13)