Deception and Greed Ruling the Church of Scientology

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This is a legitimate attempt at launching a class action lawsuit to hold the organisation accountable for preying on susceptible and emotional members of our community for financial gain.

This is a petition targeted at The Church of Scientology, Melbourne after we undertook the popularly advertised ‘Oxford Capacity Analysis’ participation survey. Deliberatelyand negligently exaggerating character flaws in participants most likely already experiencing feelings of self-doubt.

Diagnoses of serious mental health issues by volunteer ‘counsellors’ without rigorous scientific analysis with malicious intent to condition participants into an acutely distressed state of mind.

The intent is to instil a state of fear within participants in order to make them more suggestible and willing to commit to Scientology financially and emotionally.

This practice raises issues of the medical duty of care when diagnosing potentially distressing disorders.
Participants could be left in a life threatening state of mind which could in its most extreme cases lead to death.

Because Scientology also denigrates the usefulness of psychology and psychiatry in treating mental illness participants can easily be left in a suicidal state.

It will be argued that the structure and delivery of the free personality test provided by the church brings up questions of coercion, emotional blackmail, fraud, human rights abuse and ethical standards crucial to maintaining the strength and validity of proven mental health treatments.
Not least to consider how the unprofessional and unproven diagnoses are in direct conflict with Scientologies most defining claim to be based in proven scientific reasoning.

The practice of administering completely illigitemate character assessments is not only a danger to already vulnerable people but an insult to proper medical practice. The church is not acting on good faith and is recklessly endangering people’s lives for financial gain.

In my opinion this has no place in the fair and compassionate society I appreciate. Let’s fight to end negative institutional impacts in all areas of society.


Daniel Evans
Miko Penning

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