Finland’s decision to sell Vartiokylän linnavuori archeological site must be withdrawn

In Vartiokylä lies one of Helsinki’s most significant and multilayered archeological sites, a linnavuori or castle mountain.  It has (1) Finland’s capital area’s only known ancient castle ruins form the late Iron Ages or Early Middle Ages, (2) the remains of a brick factory built in 1754 for Suomenlinna Sea fortress construction works and (3) a WWI fortification base built in 1915 and 1916 for Helsinki’s protection.


We who have signed the petition feel that the Finnish state’s decision to sell this archeological site, expropriated from private landowners in 1932 as Finnish National Cultural Heritage, is morally reprehensible. The decision does not have public approval. We insist that the Finnish state withdraw this decision and responsibly maintain this site as part of the Finnish people’s cultural heritage.



Schulz, Eeva-Liisa ( 1998):  Helsingin Vartiokylän linnavuori – Arkistolähteisiin ja kirjallisuuteen  perustuva selvitys. Museoviraston arkeologian osasto.


Pictures of the site: