Defend Gay Conversion Therapy

We, the undersigned, oppose any ban on offering therapy, healing, prayer or indeed deliverance for people wishing to be free of same-sex attraction. We recognise that Christianity may form the backdrop to a desire to be free from same-sex desires, or may constitute an element of the healing process offered. Therefore, we say such a ban would be an attack on religious freedom and could criminlaise pastors, Christian counsellors or Christian lay people.

We also oppose any ban on counselling young people that the 'gender transition' pathway is not an appropriate way of dealing with the stresses of growing up. We recognise that a ban on talking about gender issues could make criminals out of pastors, psychiatric professionals, teachers, parents and even friends of those involved.

We call upon Members of Parliament to reject this attempt to criminalise freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of religion and freedom of association.

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