Demand for Netflix HDR functionaliteit on Panasonic CX800/CR800

Recently, Panasonic updated the firmware of the Panasonic CX800/CR800 with HDR functionality. Since this update customers can enjoy the full potential of the televisions capabilities. However, customers shroud in the dark when it comes to clarity of Netflix HDR functionality. This television comes with Netflix app and also has a dedicated Netflix button on the remote control.


The Amazon app does provide HDR functionality, and Netflix does not. However, the Amazon app is also regional depended, e.g. for Dutch customers the Amazon app is unavailable. Contacting Panasonic customer service did not help the numerous people in search for a definite answer about this issue. According to Netflix it is up to Panasonic to implement the HDR functionality (which has been done) and update the Netflix app. This update is has already been available since February 2016.  

A lot of dedicated customers can be found within this forum, where people discuss back and forward about the experience and ackwardness of this situation, (already 6000+ Messages). Therefore this petition is formulated to address this problem with urgency for Panasonic to adequately solve it. 

ISSUE: No HDR functionality of the Netflix app on Panasonic CX800/CR800 televisons.

SOLUTION DEMANDED: First, uniformly inform the customers about the situation around this particular matter. Second, an update to the most recent Netflix version that meets the Panasonic CX800/CX800 capabilities. 

FINAL STATEMENT: Netflix is offered as app and prominently situated on the remote control. For a television near perfection situated within the topsegment of Panasonic televisions of 2015, this software update issue is unnecessary, and must be solved.