Hello everyone, let me start by introducing myself, my name is Marie and i live in Belgium and i'm 16

i am a huge fan of Demi Lovato i love her so much! that is the main reason i am making this petition

as many of you know (or don't know) demi doesn't tour much outside the US so that is why i want to do something about it. i would absolutely love to see her come to Europe.

today the 9th of February Demi starts her NEONLIGHTSTOUR! and she is very very very excited about it!as you may have noticed if you've been following her instagram and twitter! she kept saying this was going to be the biggest tour she has done so far. i am really happy for her that she gets the chance to do this at this point of her career and life.

there is one thing i don't understand, why doesn't she perform in Europe?

is it because she thinks she doesn't have fans here? is it because she doesn't want to?...

there are so many unanswered questions about it and i wish she would just come because

as an artist you grow and the more you grow the more you start performing at all those diffrent places around the world but it looks like she has been stuck at this one place for as long as her career is going on

so with this petition i want to get the attention of every lovatic around the world who wishes to finally see Demi perform in a place(country she has never been) nearby

it would be a great idea if she turned her NEONLIGHTSTOUR into a WORLD TOUR and really comes and see all her Lovatics around the world

so if you've read my text and you agree with me and you feel like you really want to see Demi live and you live in Europe or another country demi hasn't been that isn't a part of Europe then


i beg you sign MY petition in name of all the LOVATICS around the world who are dying to see demi live after all these years of support, love and emotions.

Demi is amazing and her voice is a gift from God the way she sings and puts emotions in a song is really special she is really beautiful and funny and she is a role model to so many girls (and even boys i think) she is an idol to be proud off

so everyone please sign this and I hope if we have enough people participating in this petition we can finally welcome Demi in all the diffrent parts of the world she never tought she would go to

i want her to realise that we are here for her, we want to see her.

Dear Demi Lovato if you see this petition please realise

(you might already know but still)

that you have fans all around the world and that we all love you as much as we can and we support and love you no matter what and don't be afraid to come to us we are waiting for you, waiting for the day someone finally announces your arrival and we wont stop waiting untill that very day comes so please, if you see this, i speak in name of all the lovatics you are WELCOME


even if you are not demi's biggest fan (or maybe bearly a fan) please sign the more signatures the bigger chance she will get to see this!


thank you in advance for reading my long text and for hopefully participating to this



xxx Marie

if you want to contact me besides my email,

my twitter: @Mary_Styles_1D

and i specially want to this for my friend Lana who has been a fan of Demi since forever and it would be her biggest dream come true and i want to make it happen!!!