This is a petition to deny bail to John Fredrick Coetzee, Fareez Allie, Achmat Toffa, Kurt Erispe. They were arrested over the weekend of 10 February 2012, in connection with the murder of Bruno Bronn, the owner of Bronx nightclub.
Bruno was found dead in his home on Tuesday. His hands had been tied and he had marks around his neck.

The reason bail should be denied to these men is simple: intimidation.

Many people who knew Bruno, or worked with Bruno, say they fear the repercussions for speaking to the Police. One of the accused, John Coetzee was also an employee of Bronx, and so could potentially know and intimidate witnesses that could be key to this case.

Bruno also voiced concerns for his personal safety, before he was murdered, making it quite clear that his killers had intimidated him too.

For Justice to run its course, we believe the four men arrested in connection with his murder should be denied bail.