Developing Nations Stand Against Sodomy!

Daley_Pride_Flag.pngThe British diver Tom Daley started a campaign to overturn anti-sodomy laws at the Commonwealth Games in 2022. It is part of a drive from the West using vast sums of money to advance what they claim are ‘internationally acknowledged human rights’. The truth is, there is no right to commit unnatural acts in any international treaty, much as UK and US gay activists would like there to be.

We the undersigned note that God made us male and female and instituted marriage, with this position endorsed by the Lord Jesus. We support the right of nations to frame their own laws in line with Biblical principles, family values and their own cultural norms.

We believe that campaigns such as Tom Daley's are immoral, racist and an arrogant display of neo-colonialism.  We note the Commonwealth Games Committee allowed him to pursue it in a pagan opening ceremony in Birmingham, UK, in July 2022. We reject all pressure from Western nations and foundations to impose their immorality on the developing world.

We call upon African, Caribbean and Asian nations and their leaders to stand firm for righteousness and for games and sports organising committees to respect morality, to cease 'woke' posturing and to promote sport, not politics, in future.

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