Developmentally Challenged have been denied access to services

 The Greater City of Sudbury has decided to discriminate against the mentally ill, developmentally challenged and anyone who's disability is not physical. The handi transit will no longer allow riders who have Autism, Alzheimer's, or any other mental illness. This is discrimination. Today I learned a very shocking thing from a co-worker whose son has autism. He functions at a three-year-old level, is non-verbal and is no longer allowed to use the Handi Transit, as they say he is not handicapped.

Every day this young man goes to a day program in Sudbury. The Handi Transit picks him up and brings him back. This allows his mom to work and gives him the support he needs for his disability.

The city says because he can walk then he is not disabled and must use public transportation. The mom was told she could appeal the decision. She asked how to do that.

The city’s response was we have not set up the appeal process yet.

There is no way someone functioning at a three-year-old level that is non-verbal could use public transportation and transfer three times.

The city is ridiculous and is now discriminating against mentally challenged citizens.
I would like to add that his mom pays for this service, and every month buys a bus pass for him. He qualifies for the disability pass but not the Handi Transit.

We need your support please sign our petition so we can show the city of Sudbury that they can't discriminate.