Diggy Simmons to South Africa


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The purpose of this petition is to get Diggy Simmons to perform in South Africa. I know of many Jetsetters who would do just about anything to get to see Diggy perform live in South Africa.  A while ago myself and a few other South African Jetsetters have tried making contact with his manager Laurie Dobbins about getting Diggy to South Africa but unfortunately our attempts have been unsuccessful. She may have done some research (I don’t know), but in my opinion she might not think that there is a big enough of a demand for Diggy to perform in South Africa and if we're being quite honest there isn't, Which makes it very hard for us who would love to see him live and get to meet Diggy Simmons.




This is why I thought that it would be a good idea to create this petition on behalf of South African Jetsetters. We can't do this alone, therefore I am trying to get all South African Jetsetters to help one another out on seeing Diggy in South Africa. Because we know that it would be very impossible to get Diggy here on his own a group of us thought we'd have better luck if we could get Rihanna here and then she could bring Diggy with as one of her guests. We all know how strong her fan base in South Africa is so we know without a doubt that her coming to South Africa is very much possible. HOWEVER WE URGE TO THE RIHANNA NAVY TO HELP US JETSETTERS GET DIGGY HERE BECAUSE THAT IS OUR MAIN GOAL FOR THIS PETITION. 


As much as it may seem like we're using Rihanna, it's not that. It's just that Rihanna can come to South Africa anytime and she can sell out stadiums within seconds whereas Diggy on the other hand will have a bit of a struggle. We all have celebrities that we would love to meet unfortunately not all of them are big in S.A, so all we asking is for help in making our dreams of seeing him perform live and meeting  come true. Just so you know that we are also fans of Rihanna so this will be a bonus for us too.


Also we would love for this concert or whatever to have a meet and greet. Because I'm sure that both the Rihanna Navy and JetSetters can agree that meeting their stars would be the best thing ever!


Diggy has and does recognise that he has fans in South Africa as he has responded to some of my tweets as well other Jetsetters in South Africa. he would love to perform this side but unfortunately his fan base won't allow. So your signature would be a step closer in Making our dreams become a reality.


Below are some tweets that have been recognised by Diggy :)


-This was almost 5 years ago when Diggy replied to a tweet of mine and it seems like he was pretty excited about visiting South Africa someday!














-2 years ago Diggy retweeted this tweet of mine 2 years ago, here he obviously acknowledges that he has fans in South Africa too!



 -Above is a tweet where Diggy gave his South African Jetsetters a shoutout after coming across one of our fan videos!




Twitter: @Verneeze