Dear people, I would like to share my story. For 7 years, I can call myself a proud mom of a beautiful daughter.
Even if it has not been easy, to this day, I have always done what I thought was best for my daughter and always ensured that she had all she needed.
I am fortunate that I met Seppe van Beuren, a man with a hearth of gold whom you may know as the Sommelier of the Year 2016 Flemish Brabant.
My daughter became his (step) daughter and since she was two years old they go along together like two peas in a pod.
Unfortunately, we had to fight together for a long time to bring our little angel from Bulgaria to Belgium.
Finally, a year and a half ago our dream finally came true.
"Wow it's so far, she's finally safe"

For many who do know me, I try as much as possible to be a good person.
If I can help, I help with pleasure.
But kids are something sacred, they are vulnerable from their birth till they become adults themselves, and we parents will go an extra mile to protect our little angels, just for a laugh or hug.
However, I am perplexed by the fact that the Belgian State forces a child of 7, who has Belgian nationality, to return to her home country (Bulgaria).
We had to fight four years in court to bring my daughter to Belgium, to give her a safe, loving and prosperous environment.
I underline the word SAFE again, because her biological father is violent and dangerous.
Until now we have been able to protect her from him.
Through the Treaty of s'Gravenhage, her biological father managed to force the Belgian state to take my daughter away from her comfort zone. (Because the treaty says that the child must be returned to her native country but what happens next with the child is not important).
However, the Belgian state in the Constitution (Article 22a) entered the child welfare always prevails: "The interest of the child is the primary consideration in any decision that affects the child.".
She has Belgian nationality. She can speak perfect Dutch. For her hobbies she goes to the music school, art school and ballet.
Here she has a prosperous future; we, as parents, can guarantee that.
In Bulgaria the living conditions are different.
Remember that although Bulgaria is a beautiful country it is also one of the poorest countries in Europe. I’ve seen the misery and poverty in which many children live there and I, as a mother, can make a difference here and protect at least my own child and give her a good life as all children in the world actually deserve.
How many times we do not give money to charity and if we do, we never really know where and what they are doing with our money.
As a mother, in this case I have a certainty that at least my daughter can get the love and warmth of her family, friends, school mates.
Here she even has a protection through CM insurance and hospitalization insurance that she did not have in Bulgaria. Everything falls apart because the Treaty of s'Gravenhage does not care about the welfare of the child!
I personally cannot imagine that a treaty is engaged to return children to an uncertain future! That it enables people to ruin a child's life and emotional state, which has consequences not only for the welfare of the child but also for the psychological well-being of the child. For what is more important to a child than to feel safe? Not to live in fear and look around if anyone attempts to kidnap it. Today we have received a judgment of the court that our daughter must leave the country within 30 days!This law was meant for parents who abducted their children and not for the ones like us who try to protect them. Today, this law should not be applicable to people who are the victims of domestic violence, who literally run away and leave everything just to flee from the violence.

With this I would like to ask you to support my family, to make sure that my daughter can live here in Belgium where she has a good future.

Yours sincerely,
a loving mother, fiancee, daughter, daughter in law, sister and friend, Diana Dimitrova

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