Disneyland Australia

There are two disey parks in North America, Three in asia and one in Europe. It seems everybody has access to a disney park except oceana (Australia and New Zealand). Austraians are among the most frequent holiday goers in the world, and to go to a disney park must spend in excess of $2000 each in airfairs alone. This petition is for the disney corp to build a disney park in Australia for the enjoyment of residents of Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

This infrastructure could only be good for Australian tourism, and would bring always welcome tourists and more income to Australia. Recently retail sales have been down, due to  the new liberal goverment budget, and people have had to restrict their budget. Obviously the building and running of the park would introduce new jobs and could help to reduce the high percentage of youth unemplyment by a large amount in the location it is built. (I'm guessing most people would vote Sydney or the gold coast.) 
On the Disney side of the argument, what can i say, if you build it they will come.
The well known and always high regarded disney name would of corse bring money and a new park would open up many doors for disney to expand their ever growing corporation overseas.
Please sign if you are a passionate Australian (or anyone), who agrees!