DIY Solar Panels - Making Your Own for Your Home

With concerted efforts from both government and non-government agencies, more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious. Even young children are being made aware of the harmful effects that man's carelessness can have on the Earth. The recent slew of hurricanes that left parts of the United States submerged in floods is a testament to the worsening condition of the environment because of climate change.


That's the reason why people are encouraged to go green in order to reduce or remove their carbon footprints. In fact, they are even encouraged to go green even in their choice of energy supplier. Many energy companies in various parts of the globe now offer sustainable or renewable energy, and among the most in-demand forms of sustainable energy are solar and wind energy.


Solar power is energy which obviously comes from the sun. In order to run your appliances in your home on solar power, you would need to have solar panels installed there. Solar panels are basically tools for capturing the solar energy for running appliances, instead of electricity or any other non-renewable source of energy. You can check out the Internet to get a free quote on solar panels.


There are numerous websites that discuss your choices for Austin solar panels extensively, and you would do well to check those out for more information. Truth be told, solar panels are expensive. However, while initial investment is high, the long-term benefits and savings are guaranteed. Alternatively, you could try the DIY route.


DIY solar panels are an extremely innovative way to get to know how this infinite solar energy works and how beneficial it is for the environment.


The things you would need to build DIY solar panels are primarily a 16-volt solar panel, a rechargeable 12-volt lead or acid battery, battery box, DC meter, hand held drill and inverter. After you procure these things, you can get started on constructing a solar panel for your home. A convenience factor about DIY solar panels is that they can be fitted in your courtyard, so the placement would not be a problem at all for most of the people! So here goes. Begin with getting hold of a small renewable battery and a 16 volt solar panel. Next thing you do is, attach the DC meter matching your battery and the DC input to the top end of the battery box with the help of the hand held drill. Use some insulated wire for connecting the battery and the meter. Go slow, one wire at a time. Start with connecting the first wire to the negative input. Carry out the same for connecting the solar panel and the DC inlet to the battery itself.


Now, you are all set to convert the solar energy into easily usable renewable power. The last thing you do is close the lid tightly with a cord and keep the whole apparatus in the sun. You would have to wait for at least 8 hours before the solar panel gets properly operational for harnessing the solar energy.

This is the most convenient and direct way when it comes to do-it-yourself solar panels for home. There are quite a few complicated and indirect methods as well for building solar panels. Still, rather than take the DIY route, it would do you well to save money until such time you're able to invest in renewable energy.

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