I NEED YOUR SUPPORT REGARDING PROBLEMS WITH ADOPTION FROM SHELTER POKUPSKO CERJE there is a lots of text – report to City and Veterinary Administration, so if it is easier for you I will send you an email...please send your emails to inbox.

As you all know, my main goal is not to force concessionaire in losing his concession, my main goal here is to allow anyone to adopt a dog from that shelter. I want people to be able to come into the shelter Pokupsko Cerje and adopt a dog/dogs they want. Now we are all aware that it is not a shelter- it is a camp of death. Concessionaire could still make money, City could wash their hands, dogs could keep on living, everybody would benefit. But with abnormal people, you can not make any arrangements, and responsible ones still think that everything will be ok in their own easy-going way.

If you all agree, I plan to take next action...we will send 1 email to the City of Velika Gorica, whose leading persons are pretending that they are not noticing displeasure of large number of the citizens, probably to push old concessionaire into getting concession again. Second email we will send to Veterinary Inspection, whose leading persons are comfortably sitting in their chairs and sending us circular responses, treating us like imbeciles. It turns out that almost anyone can sweeten up Laws from valid Book of regulations. It is all because they think that we are stupid and they can get away with not doing jobs they are paid for. I want to remind you that they sent circular responses after 20 days, only after I called them day before yesterday (getting someone to answer the phone is almost mission impossible), and yesterday I sent them email in which I am asking to inform me about taken actions. They did no actions, only a little explaining about how powerful imagination can be....

...them treating us like a fools, unwilling to do their jobs, discrimination (for example someone who does not live in the City of Zagreb can not adopt dogs from shelter Pokupsko Cerje, someone who is unemployed can not adopt their dogs, tomorrow their will have a new policy that you must have suitable nationality to adopt their dog)... all of that is example of discrimination and disrespect of Book of regulations and Laws of RH. We can report that to Ombudsman at, fax 01/6431-628. We can also report to Ombudsman about uncooperative and discriminating Inspection. You can write all down in your own words, or you can copy text I sent to the City of Velika Gorica. You can find that text below and send it to mailing list so they will see that we have a brains after all..

Mailing list:

Diana Kukuruzović, Udruga prijatelja životinja Vis Vitalis    Contact the author of the petition