Doctors and Patients Together - SOLIDARITY for HEALTH

Doctors and Patients Together - SOLIDARITY for HEALTH

Healthcare is a right and an investment, not an expense!


Romania's development depends on the health of its citizens! The Romanian health system responds far too little to the needs of patients and the dignity of healthcare professionals is continuously tested. We need transparency! Patients do not receive from their contributions in taxes to healthcare everything they need. Many medical specialties are deficient in most areas of Romania. Electronic systems, although necessary, work with too many interruptions, alter the quality of care and do not decrease the suffocating bureaucracy.

We need solidarity! We need healthcare!

We support investment in health as a precondition of a civilized Romanian society!


Together, healthcare professionals and patients, we support:


1. The allocation of at least 6% of GDP for healthcare - only 4.2% of GDP is now allocated, well below the European average of 7.2%.
2. Direct payments by patients must not exceed 15% of total healthcare spending. In Romania direct payments are now 19%.
3. Respect for patients and healthcare professionals, coherence and clarity in reimbursement of healthcare services, reduction of time lost to obtain documents, adequate access to health services.
4. Transparency in health insurance budget spending, as it is public money.
5. Stability and predictability of laws - currently the Health Act is changed monthly.
6. Real negotiation with the representatives of doctors and patients of the Health Services Framework Contract and its implementation rules.
7. Facilitation of a platform for promotion of health to educate citizens.
8. External audit of the electronic system of the National Health Insurance House – the Health Insurance Electronic Platform – and configuration of the Platform in an integrated and functional form.
9. Adoption and implementation of the Strategy for the Development of Primary Health Care, developed in 2012.
10. Implementation of the National Health Strategy, adopted in 2014 by the Romanian Government, which is not yet transposed in law and in practice or in the current fiscal strategy.


Romania signed in February 2016 the Biannual Collaborative Agreement with the World Health Organization.

Priorities assumed through the agreement for the next two years include: communicable diseases (HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis), non-communicable diseases (mental illness, substance abuse, nutrition), health promotion throughout life, access to medicines and technologies, preparedness, surveillance and response to epidemics and pandemic situations. According to the WHO representatives:
 direct payments borne by the patient must not exceed 15% of total health expenditure. In Romania they are 19%;
 development is impossible without better health: health is a precondition for development;
 intersectoral action, led by political ownership are vital to achieving the targets;
 main challenges for healthcare are non-communicable diseases and health system resource availability.


The healthcare system needs the joint support of both medical professionals and patients so that Romania can develop in a healthy, clean and harmonious way! The more voices will supporting this common goal, the more decision makers will realize that HEALTH IS A PRIORITY! The petition will be sent to the Ministry of Health, the Romanian Parliament and the President of Romania, so we invite you to sign it.


You are free to choose which points you agree to support! The petition can be signed offline in medical offices or downloaded from and sent via postal services to: SNMF, Str. Ionel Perlea no. 10, sector 1, postcode 010209, Bucharest, Romania. (Contact person: Adina Stefanescu, phone +4021 315 4656)

Please send printed and signed petitions until June 30, 2016!

In the first stage, between April 7th and May 16th 2016 we collected 38 596 signed petitions in medical offices and 2842 online signatures. This gives us the drive to continue!


Organizations and institutions supporting the petition: (Update May 19, 2016)

National Society of Family Medicine -
National Federation of Family Physicians Entrepreneurs -
Romanian Alliance for Health -
The Patronage of Private Healthcare Providers -
Mothers for Mothers Association -
SAMAS Association -
White Cross Foundation -
Coalition of Organizations of Patients with Chronic Diseases -
SanoHep Romania Association -
The National Union of People Affected by HIV / AIDS -
National Association for Miastenia Gravias Romania -
National Association for Patient Protection -
Osteore Association -
Private Practice Dentists Association in Romania -
Association of Family Physicians Entrepreneurs Gorj
Physicians Alliance for Medical System Modernization -

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